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I can't believe my eyes
You think I am a fool
Brought evil with your lies
And I believed in you
It's time for you to pay now
It's time for you to face me

You may think you are safe now
You will never be
You must pay for the lies
You're a fool can you see me

You may think you are free now
I shall give you pain
You must pay for the sins
You're insane can you hear me

How could I trust you
It all seemed true
Why did I listen to you

You can never escape me
I will hunt you down
You may think it's a game
You're so wrong can't you feel it

I can never forgive you
For what you have done
You must pay with your life
You're an ass and a liar

How could I trust you
It all seemed true
Why did I listen to you

How could I trust you
It all seemed true
Believed in you
You lied

I am sent from above
From the heavenly sky
Tell me how, could you ever betray me?

You mean nothing to me
You will never be free
Tell me how, could you ever defame me?

You may think you are strong now
I say you are weak
You must beg for your life
Yes, beware! I will take it

You may think I am nothing
I say you are wrong
I am sent from above
I'm a ghost I will hunt you

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