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[Yung Joc]
Ay you know what, eh-heh
When I started recordin this album
I said I wasn't gonna do a, y'know dear momma type of record but
I felt the need to cause ahhh I wanna express how I feel about my momma
But at the same time I wanted y'all to know that
if I ever found a woman out there that, was anything like my momma
SHIT~! I got to have her

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
Ain't another girl on this earth, like my momma
But if I find that girl, I'ma make her my woman
If I find another girl, like my momma
I can go unconditional love 'til they take me under

[Yung Joc]
Gyeah; first thing first, where do I start
This feeling that I'm feeling is real it's not a facade
The angel that I call momma was sent by God
Been through thick and thin, better times, even hard
Raisin two boys in the ghetto wasn't easy
Shit was goin wrong but she made it seem peachy
Yeah she worked long hours, whether rain and the freezin
Pulled out the Vicks vapor rub when I was sneezin
When the kid laid her off and the rent was past due
Mom was a O.G., did what she had to
I got kicked out of school, she had to talk to my principal
Yeah she kicked my ass, but her love is unconditional
I love my momma


[Yung Joc]
Yo, yo
I remember - my first BMX, she showed me how to ride
She used to lick her thumb to wipe the cold out my eyes
Oh yeah I can't forget her cookin how it stick to my ribs
She could take Spam and make a first class meal
When my nigga Steve, me and her both cried
And when I got locked up, she bailed me out every time
Guess I'll never know how she remained so strong
Received Medicaid and food stamps for so long
We was section 8 all the way 'til I was grown
She played both roles, king and queen of the throne
I'm not exaggeratin, not even to the slightest
This came from the heart, so I ain't even have to write it
I love my momma


[Yung Joc]
I'ma try to stop the music one time
Want y'all to clap with me, c'mon
Now if you love your momma clap yo' hands
If you love your momma clap yo' hands (aww yeah~!)
If you love your momma clap yo' hands
If you love your momma clap yo' hands (aww yeah~!)
Shorty, I brought you in this world, I'll take you out
You said it when you caught me skippin school, makin out
Momma you stayed down, you never faked it
Stayed by my side when they thought I wouldn't make it
And when I had a son, they said I need a job
That's when you told me son, just follow your heart
And so I did that, I went through all the drama
So I just wanna take this time to say I love you momma


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