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[Chorus: Southerngirl (Yung Joc)]
I'm just, livin the life, of a young baller shot caller
Dope rider don't mind me I'm just doin my thang
Livin the life, of a go-getter, no-quitter
Gotta get to the money, get money money hey
Livin the life
Livin the life, livin the life, livin the life
(I'ma live every day like a holiday)
(Gotta get to the money, get get to the money)

[Yung Joc]
I've been around the world just like dosey do
Bet Joc Bangkok in Tokyo
Big money by the bankroll, oh fo' sho'
Ain't tryin to brag, just as long as you know
Hey you, tell me why you actin like you're shocked
Been gettin money since my debut dropped (CHA-CHING~!)
Pop a couple tabs with my man and them
Date an international chick now I'm landin them
International suites now I'm stayin in them
International freaks I'm playin with them
I can porco hoes, hit the sand with them
We fuck all night then I abandon them
Take a top model chick to the cabin man
Call me freaky Jason, get to stabbin man
She call a few friends, run a caravan
I call a few friends, I love sharin man


[Yung Joc]
You see I ball all day up in Amsterdam
Nigga Swiss Miss chick and smoke half a gram
She love takin snapshots on the phone cam
Knockin out a ringtone that's a jam
I see shit that every nigga don't see
I bang Brazil broads under the palm tree
Convinced her to skip town, just her and me
Hit the P and bank exchange my currency
Now my flight leaves at 9, I can't be late
Got a big dollar date somewhere back in the states
M-I-A yo or Cuban bistro
Feel the wind blow, from the seasho'
Six hour flight back to the West coast
Somewhere swank where Tyra Banks gettin close
Or Eva Pickford, I really dig her
I got some nerve to take this picture


[Yung Joc]
Now you don't have to like what I do
I'ma do me, and you do you
I say that you don't have to like the way I ride
I'm a G, and I gets mine

Yeah I can't lie man, I done seen amazing places
Amazing broads with amazing faces
Persuade them to do things, I make 'em taste it
Baby let's rinse off, we bathin naked
Time to change clothes, we Bathing Ape it
This lavish lifestyle, I can't escape it
Leave no paper trail, the feds can't trace it
Blow a couple hundred thou' around the world, let's make it

Now you don't have to like what I do
I'ma do me, and you do you
I say that you don't have to like the way I ride
I'm a G, and I gets mine


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