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Blurred lyrics song by Yellow Second

Here is the song lyric of Yellow Second : and you can also sing and watch music video

a mouthful of yesterday
is all thatÿs now left to say
and iÿm ever anxious to spit
or choke on it either way
on one hand itÿs off of my chest
the other will put it to rest
and so out of my misery
tell me which do you think is the best?
and right now I've got to
do something before it
gets any worse
you know we can't ignore it
I know just what you would say
it just works out good this way
so true to form you deny
the past that you're trying to hide
and cover with careful regard
the feelings your bravado belied
so shed yourself a new skin
yeah, one that's thicker again
put back on your moth-eaten mask
you know the one with the permanent grin

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