Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Yello Remaster Series 2: Claro Que Si's lyrics 2005-00-00
Yello Remaster Series 5 - One Second's lyrics 2005-00-00
Yello Remaster Series 3 - You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess's lyrics 2005-00-00
Yello Stella (Remastered)'s lyrics 2005-00-00
Yello Remaster Series 1 - Solid Pleasure's lyrics 2005-00-00
Yello Remaster Series 6 - Flag's lyrics 2005-00-00
Yello Planet Dada's lyrics 2003-10-20
Yello Collection (disc 2)'s lyrics 2003-00-00
Yello You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess / One Second's lyrics 2001-00-00
Yello Zebra's lyrics 2001-00-00
Yello Solid Pleasure / Baby's lyrics 2001-00-00
Yello Claro Que Si / Stella's lyrics 2001-00-00
Yello Vicious Games (vs. Hardfloor)'s lyrics 1999-04-16
Yello Eccentrix Remixes's lyrics 1999-00-00
Yello Pocket Universe's lyrics 1997-02-24
Yello To the Sea (feat. Stina Nordenstam)'s lyrics 1997-02-03
Yello Essential Christmas's lyrics 1995-11-20
Yello Jingle Bells's lyrics 1995-10-30
Yello Hands on Yello: The Updates (disc 2)'s lyrics 1995-06-26
Yello Hands on Yello: The Updates (disc 1)'s lyrics 1995-06-26
Yello Tremendous Pain (Suite 904)'s lyrics 1995-04-10
Yello Hands on Yello's lyrics 1995-03-20
Yello The Race / Bostich's lyrics 1992-10-26
Yello Essential's lyrics 1992-09-29
Yello Jungle Bill's lyrics 1992-09-07
Yello Bostich's lyrics 1992-00-00
Yello The Race's lyrics 1992-00-00
Yello Baby's lyrics 1991-06-17
Yello Rubberbandman (Rubber version)'s lyrics 1991-05-13
Yello Rubberbandman's lyrics 1991-00-00
Yello Blazing Saddles (With Heat Sensitive Sleeve)'s lyrics 1989-07-24
Yello Blazing Saddles's lyrics 1989-07-24
Yello Tied Up's lyrics 1989-01-00
Yello A Trip Around the World in 1800 Seconds's lyrics 1989-00-00
Yello Goldrush (CD Video)'s lyrics 1988-02-19
Yello Oh Yeah (CD Video)'s lyrics 1988-02-19
Yello Flag's lyrics 1988-00-00
Yello The Race (CD Video)'s lyrics 1988-00-00
Yello Oh Yeah's lyrics 1987-09-28
Yello One Second's lyrics 1987-05-04
Yello Call It Love's lyrics 1987-03-02
Yello Goldrush's lyrics 1986-07-10
Yello 1980-1985 The New Mix in One Go's lyrics 1986-00-00
Yello Stella's lyrics 1985-00-00
Yello You Gotta Say Yes to Another Excess's lyrics 1983-00-00
Yello Claro Que Si's lyrics 1981-09-22
Yello Solid Pleasure's lyrics 1980-10-15
Yello The Very Best's lyrics
Yello Collection (disc 1)'s lyrics
Yello Greatest Hits's lyrics
Yello The Eye's lyrics
Yello Best of Yello's lyrics

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