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The Sun Stop Shining
When Someone Dies Eternal Lies
Angels Are Not Saviors To The God That I Sacrificed
I Have No Weakness, My Strength You Will Fear
I'm Not A Believer Of Your Eternal Lies

Payback The Truth You Took From Me
The Fantasy You Told Became A Brutal Reality
Payback The Innocence You've Taken From Me
The Lies That Were Told Had No Boundaries

You Knew The Lies You Preached
Only Postponed The Sorrow
The Pain Upon Couldn't Be Avoided

Precious Life Is Gone This Is The End

While We Were Searching
For Eternity
You Convinced Us
That You Were Invincible
You're The Victim
Of Your Eternal Lies
Will You Ever Repent For Our Agony

We Despise Your Truth, Our Lives Are Broken Dreams
You Ruled Our Corrupted Minds Our Faith Was Violated
Promises You Made Turned Into Miserable Lies
My Victory Has Overcome Your Eternal Lies

Payback The Truth You Took From Me
The Fantasy You Told Become A Brutal Reality


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