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Think about you every now and then
Then I get so alone again
All I know is Alison is gone
And you know I'll never cheat on you
Come back and I'll show you soon
Think about the way things used to be
I can't take any more
What is my heart for?
Alison I wanna talk to you
Alison I'll be forever blue

Now you're gone
And friends is cool
I think of all the shit I put you through
Don't you know I'm glad that it's the end
I was alone when she came along
A brand new girl and a brand new song
Just to let you know that things are done

I can't take any more
What the fuck is my life for?

Alison I wanna talk to you
Alison I'll be forever blue

Time has passed and things have changed
But I think you've stayed the same
Time has passed and I'm alright
Come check out this new girlfriend of mine

Don't wanna talk about this
Don't wanna talk about it
Don't wanna talk about this?no no

Alison?I wanna talk to you
Alison?I'll be forever blue
Alison?don't wanna talk to you
Alison?I'll always cheat on you?Fuck you!

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