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A pallid shape is floating
A lurid shroud of fading life
What ones was a place so glimmering and bright
Has ignited itself and burnt out of light
I canonize thee, lord of the odius
For enlightening the path to perpetual might
For guiding me on this voyage
With nothing but scornful mirages in sight

Devour me, oh immense shadow
This locus is cursed, shroud me forever
Damnation be my lodestar
For humanity carves my veins
I've been nailed to a cross of anguish
Crucified above to behold
The blind, the loathsome's strife in vain
The holyness of those who should suffer my pain

Lunar strains of morbid grace
Reflections of nocturnal mysteries
Eternally hidden for their eyes
As what awaits behind...

Branded by the unpure light
But still, You like I
Reaches for the dark
And even further...
As symbols of life we are fading
To were this twilight reaches night
A pallid shape is strangled
As my soul and his darkness unite

It wont shine through
Believe it, you're never to see
That my flesh is carved with spells
Of mankinds destiny
Blessed with contempt
For what has edged my strife
And through sacrilegous veils
I dethrone life

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