Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
UB40 The Best Of (The Dutch Collection: Volume 1)'s lyrics 2007-09-04
UB40 The Best Of (The Dutch Collection: Volume 2)'s lyrics 2007-09-04
UB40 Mail on Sunday Collection's lyrics 2007-05-06
UB40 Under the Influence: UB40's lyrics 2007-02-26
UB40 Who You Fighting For?'s lyrics 2005-06-13
UB40 Swing Low's lyrics 2003-00-00
UB40 Homegrown's lyrics 2003-00-00
UB40 The Very Best of 1980-2002's lyrics 2002-09-00
UB40 Fathers of Reggae's lyrics 2002-08-19
UB40 Cover Up's lyrics 2001-10-22
UB40 Since I Met You Lady (feat. Lady Saw) / Sparkle of My Eyes's lyrics 2001-10-08
UB40 The Very Best of UB40 1980-2000's lyrics 2000-00-00
UB40 The Train Is Coming's lyrics 1999-04-19
UB40 Holly Holy's lyrics 1998-12-07
UB40 Come Back Darling's lyrics 1998-09-28
UB40 Labour of Love III's lyrics 1998-09-21
UB40 The Dancehall Album's lyrics 1998-04-27
UB40 Always There's lyrics 1997-11-03
UB40 Tell Me Is It True's lyrics 1997-08-18
UB40 Guns in the Ghetto's lyrics 1997-06-30
UB40 The Best of UB40, Volume Two's lyrics 1995-10-30
UB40 Until My Dying Day's lyrics 1995-10-23
UB40 Promises and Lies's lyrics 1993-00-00
UB40 Labour of Love II's lyrics 1989-00-00
UB40 Where Did I Go Wrong (extended mix)'s lyrics 1988-08-08
UB40 UB40's lyrics 1988-07-11
UB40 Breakfast In Bed's lyrics 1988-06-06
UB40 The Best of UB40, Volume One's lyrics 1987-10-26
UB40 UB40 CCCP: Live in Moscow's lyrics 1987-00-00
UB40 Rat in the Kitchen's lyrics 1986-07-28
UB40 The UB40 File's lyrics 1986-07-07
UB40 Rat in Mi Kitchen's lyrics 1986-00-00
UB40 Baggariddim's lyrics 1985-09-02
UB40 Geffery Morgan's lyrics 1984-10-16
UB40 Labour of Love's lyrics 1983-09-12
UB40 Live's lyrics 1983-02-14
UB40 The Best of UB40 1980-1983's lyrics 1983-00-00
UB40 More UB40 Music's lyrics 1983-00-00
UB40 UB44's lyrics 1982-09-27
UB40 The Singles Album's lyrics 1982-08-00
UB40 Present Arms in Dub's lyrics 1981-10-05
UB40 Present Arms's lyrics 1981-05-29
UB40 One in Ten's lyrics 1981-00-00
UB40 The Earth Dies Screaming's lyrics 1980-10-00
UB40 Signing Off's lyrics 1980-06-09
UB40 King / Food for Thought's lyrics 1980-00-00

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