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Help me, please help me, the faces are dying
Everything's dying, but only for me
Nobody's crying and nobody's smiling
Expressions for feelings are long since gone

All of reality as it comes to me
False sensuality is our destiny
Patterns is drawn in an opened presence
The words and the light

Desperately dancing, shouting in fear
Cold, fervid regression of the smile
There's no greater pain
than the memory of past pleasure
in present days of sorrow
But still,the past
will always be a prologue

Straight through the anguish
I speak from the earth
To you in your night of despair

The scream, the smile from the cradle,
that all of us meets, dark and shining
The prologue's begun, we can not escape
But this dance only lasts for a while

No one has stopped all the faces from dying,
so now I'm dying too

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