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You're giving up they're taking over.
Grab your keys and bonus check and run.
A new perspective now you're older.
I don't see the point in going on.
Your shortsightedness is killing you.
Maybe that's the best that you can do.
One day I'll watch your whole life story in fifteen minutes flat.
Where are they now? You'll sell your kids and your wife's jewelry.
Fly into the ocean and you're gone. I can say the word longevity,
but that wont be the last you'll hear from me.
"I'm gonna make you a star. I don't care who you are.
Now you'll come to me whenever you're in need.
Move up the ladder of success so fast now that I own your ass,
and I'll whore it for me all over mtv. I get a buck an lp,
you take a penny for three,
and if I hear you complain then I'll destroy your name.
Now that I own you......I'll tell you what to do.

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