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I never took the chance
To show you my gratitude
I'll never forget you now
Even if I change my latitude
The choice you made was right
I sit here on Friday night
I'm lonely so I'll get lewd
With two clenched fists
and an attitude
As I lie in bed
I'll count all the ways
I'll remove myself from you
To make it so
I can let go
Now that you've changed
your mind
I'm sleepless
I can't unwind
Tell me you've been having hell
'Cause I feel worse
when you're doing well
Do you feel just like I do?
Or do you simply not
feel passionate Toward me?
You can't deny,
we've got problems
And I'm always crying
Over your shoulder
A favor I'll ask of thee
Get me to a nunnery
Won't be your girlfriend or wife
With a cursed and fucked up
romantic life
as i lie in bed
I'll count all the ways
I'll remove myself from you to make it so...
They say that life's unfair and now
I know it's true
That's why I let you go
make it so

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