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You got your chin pointed down.
Yeah, you look at the ground when you talk.
And I'm listening babe but you think I'm not.
And this is taking too long and when you're gone
I don't think I'll miss you.
But something in me won't forgive you.
And girl, you've got some explaining to do,
'cause it seems that you miss me now that we're through.
I've got this problem.
And it never sleeps even when I do.
And I'm glad that you miss me now that we're through.
And it's late it the game. You got to improve.
And I'm starting to miss you now that we're through.
And you wait for the day to come and make use of all this time
and your empty life.
And it's hot where you live and you hide from it
and all the things you did and the lie you hid.
You can run, run, run.
But I'll be running next to you.

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