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(I think I'll stay home and watch the late movie)
They're havin' a party at Jimmy's Jane and the gang will be there
I wanna go more than they know but I can't let her know that I care
If I see her I'd might go to pieces might even break down and cry
So when they ask me to go to their party well I just tell 'em my favorite
Think I'll stay home and watch the late movie my favorite actor is on
And I've waited so long for this movie if you don't mind I think I'll stay

I know every one will be dancin' yet laughin' havin' good time
Now how can I go there and act like I don't care when I'm goin' out of my
For I'm no good at hidin' my feelings one look at me and they'd know
Just like before I still love her so I guess I'd better not go
Think I'll stay home and watch...
If you don't mind I think I'll stay home

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