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It comes and it kills
Cruising the earth
Attacking your towns
As you watch from outside
And no one felt
Crashes in your hearts

And no one felt anything at all
Detecting ourselves
As you watch from outside
And everyone's thrill
It crashes in your heart

There's another way
Any other one
Couldn't stop the fingers
From freezing
Until you're driven half awake
All you ever want
Safe inside the covers and freezing

Drove so far away
No one would ever stop
Couldn't tell the difference
Between them
And then you struggle under quake
Hope you never stop
Hope you never finish breathing

How does it feel
To clip the patient
On the wing feather
Where does the pain stop
And the tearing through begin
If ever
Temperature lockdown
Way consumed
Froze in a block
With a blazing view
Tazing the numbers
One through two
Fit in the standard size

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