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[Missy Elliott]
Ay yo see I'm your next girl
Not your ex-girl boo (uh)
Don't get it twisted
Don't never Disrespect me

[Tamar (Missy)]
Oh oh yeah yeah
Oh oh oh oh Yeah (Uh uh)
Don't you ever compare me
To None of those Hoes you used to mess wit
(Say Wut?)
Cuz those r some low down dirty tricks
And now you be working wit some new shit
I'll be the mother of your baby
If u bring me down I can handle it
(Uh Huh)
Cuz I'm not like those ladies
None of those hoes u be fuckin' wit

[1 - Tamar]
I'm not your hoe
I'm not your freak
I'm not your trick
But I'm naturally beautiful
High Qulaity
I'm tired of you disrespeacting me

[repeat 1]

[Tamar (Missy)]
Don't, Don't u ever dare treat me
Like them chikens u be playin' wit
Cuz I am more then a lady
And those the type of chicks who be dirty stit
They look at u lying and persuading
U play innocent beleive it (uh Oh)
Cuz I'm not like those other ladies
(say wut?)
None of those chikens u be fuckin' wit

[repeat 1 2x]

There will be no disrespecting me
There will be no disrespecting me

[repeat 1 4x]

1 with Missys singing [2x]

One Two Three
Triple Zero Alright UH
UH I'm not your

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