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Bye Bye Baby

At nite I can't seem 2 get no sleep
Addicted 2 indo and hennessee
I'm stressed homes, got my vest on
Lets hit da streets it抯 time 2 put da west on
Friday nite and Im chillin wit my baby in
a black 600 Lorenzo's on it
And I'm.. all up on them thighs, smokin on doja
So I guess I didnt see them niggas behind me
We at da stop light.. *Get out your car nigga
Befoe I exit*.. they start to pullin triggas
So now I'm duckin and divin try to survivin
All I can hear is gun shots and cryin
Then in an instant.. the cryin stopped
When ILook at my Benz all my windows bucked out
I see my girlfriend layin on da asphalt bleedin
lookin dead at me
All I can say is

Bye bye Baby
I cant believe it.. These niggas done shot my baby
Da only thing dat make me go crazy
Somebody gonna feel my 380
My My Baby wont live to see it
It's gonna be murder I guarantee it
You already had it comin boy for steppin 2 me
But yall shouldn't have phucked wit my baby

Now I met her at da Beverly and she was da bombest
She had me goin nigga.. I'm gonna be honest
She was stacked wit big bags behind her
Matter of fact.. she kinda looked like Tyra
All da niggas used 2 stop when they seen her
Dressed in black.. laid back demeanor
Nigga she gone now.. And I'm all upset
I'm like a grown child.. I want my baby back
But now its on pal.. All things behind us
I'm gonna take u where no-one can find yah
Mind yah, I'm about to go crazy
Gimme my Baby.. Gimme my Baby

(Repeat Hook)

Now I try not 2 think about
All da things we did together
We make da bedroom walls to shake it from in the living room
I was so infatuated with everything u do
Somebody took u away frum mee wit a shell or 2
And I'm gonna ride, cuz that's wat da hell I do
Gonna be some madness girl I'm tellin u
This shell抯 for you
What they wanna do

(Repeat Hook) x4

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