Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Sugababes Denial's lyrics 2008-03-17
Sugababes Change's lyrics 2007-10-08
Sugababes Overloaded: The Singles Collection's lyrics 2006-11-13
Sugababes Easy's lyrics 2006-11-06
Sugababes Follow Me Home (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-06-05
Sugababes Follow Me Home (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-06-05
Sugababes Red Dress (disc 2)'s lyrics 2006-03-06
Sugababes Red Dress (disc 1)'s lyrics 2006-03-06
Sugababes Overloaded: The Remix Collection's lyrics 2006-00-00
Sugababes Live From London's lyrics 2005-12-20
Sugababes Ugly's lyrics 2005-12-05
Sugababes Ugly (disc 2)'s lyrics 2005-12-00
Sugababes Taller in More Ways's lyrics 2005-10-10
Sugababes Push the Button (disc 1)'s lyrics 2005-09-26
Sugababes Push the Button (disc 2)'s lyrics 2005-09-26
Sugababes Caught in a Moment (disc 2)'s lyrics 2004-08-23
Sugababes Caught in a Moment (disc 1)'s lyrics 2004-08-23
Sugababes Hole in the Head's lyrics 2004-05-04
Sugababes In The Middle (disc 1)'s lyrics 2004-03-22
Sugababes In the Middle (disc 2)'s lyrics 2004-03-22
Sugababes Too Lost In You (disc 2)'s lyrics 2003-12-15
Sugababes Too Lost in You's lyrics 2003-12-15
Sugababes Three's lyrics 2003-11-03
Sugababes Hole in the Head (disc 2)'s lyrics 2003-10-13
Sugababes Hole in the Head (disc 1)'s lyrics 2003-10-13
Sugababes Shape's lyrics 2003-03-10
Sugababes Stronger's lyrics 2002-11-11
Sugababes Round Round (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-08-12
Sugababes Round Round (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-08-12
Sugababes Freak Like Me's lyrics 2002-04-22
Sugababes Angels With Dirty Faces's lyrics 2002-00-00
Sugababes Soul Sound (disc 1)'s lyrics 2001-07-16
Sugababes Soul Sound (disc 2)'s lyrics 2001-07-16
Sugababes New Year (disc 2)'s lyrics 2000-12-18
Sugababes New Year (disc 1)'s lyrics 2000-12-18
Sugababes One Touch's lyrics 2000-11-27
Sugababes Overload's lyrics
Sugababes [non-album tracks]'s lyrics
Sugababes Run for Cover's lyrics
Sugababes Sugababes: B-Sides Complete Collection's lyrics
Sugababes Red Dress's lyrics
Sugababes Push the Button's lyrics

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