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I'm a simple man
With a simple name
From the soil my people came
In this soil remain, oh yeah...

And we made us our shoes
Andwe trod soft on this land
But the immigrant built roards
On our blood and sand, oh yeah...

White man! White man!
Don't you see the light behind your
Blackened skies
White man! White man!
You took away sight to my simple eyes
White man! White man!
Where you gonna hide freom the hell
You've made?

Oh the red man knows war
With his hands and his knivs
On the bible you swore
Fought your battle with lies, ohh yeah...

Leave my body in shame
Leave my soul in disgrace
But by every god's name
Say your prayers for your race

White man! White man!
Our country was green and all our
Rivers wide
White man! White man!
You came with a gun and soon our
Children died
White man! White man!
Don't you give a light for the blood
You've shed?

What is left of your dream?
Just the words on your stone
A man who learned how to teach
Then forget how to learn

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