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Feel's like i been here before,
In this cold city
Holdin you're hand through the night
You're lost and scared

You're solid as a rock and you can
Carry the world but deep inside your
Soul, you're still the
Little girl

Te dua te dua my kosovo girl
Te dua te dua my kosovo girl
I'll keep your secrets deep in my heart
But i can't take another bedtime story
From the streets of prishtine

Ruins, wailings of prayers all around
This city
The ones that you loved made you hate
In the name of pride

But you can carry you're dreams right
Upon my shoulders hold on to our
Love your past is getting colder

Te dua te dua my kosovo girl
Te dua te dua my kosovo girl
Gimme your heart, set it free let it fly
Don't give yourself another bedtime
Story from the streets of prishtine

Laughin, cryin, lovin. dyin,
One will rise

Te dua te dua my kosovo girl
Te dua te dua my kosovo girl
I can see it in your eyes,
You'll get all you want with me
Let's keep our little melody...
Far from prishtine

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