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T:You grew up in this country town
B:I'm stuck out here it's been forever
T:Where doing nothing is allowed
B:And all my friends just say whatever
T:Once you're here
T:You're here to stay
T:Your life is made up
T:Got no say
B:I never ever see the light of day
T:You're so convincing
T:You talk a lot
T:About how this is all you got
B:You dont remember times long ago
B:'cause sooner or later
B:Time gave them up
B:Sooner or later
B:Now go where you want
(why dont you)
B:Stay where you may
(get going)
B:My friends got a house
(go stay there)
B:so you don't have to pay
(might like it)
B:when its all addin' up
(why dont you)
B:tomorrows the same
(get going)
B:just gotta jump
(just try it)
B:if you want it to change
T:To me thats crazy or just lazy
B:At least i'm getting money for the rent
T:Your whole life saying one day maybe
B:I had my chance to go I never went
T:'cause i know you wanna get on up
T:And not go sit back
T:And just wait for luck
B:Doesn't really matter anyway
T:It's not always easy
T:You gotta take the risk
T:But it's better than living a life you miss
B:Wake, eat, work, break, work, play, sleep then wake
B:Break, work sleep, wake, eat, work on
B:Now go where you want
B:Stay where you may
B:when its all addin' up
B:My friends got a house
B:tomorrows the same
B:just gotta jump
B:if you want it to change
B:I think it's time for me to get away

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