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Verse One
Some people may be saying that I’m overweight
But I think that my big body is looking great
I used to diet and diet, it don’t change a thing
Everyone must accept that I won’t be thin
Well it’s the way I wanna be
Cause I’m someone that everybody can see
Well I always stand out in a crowd
I’m the heaviest boy you’ve seen around

Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and this is how the big boys sound
Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and I’m sure you’ve seen my butt around
Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and the heaviest boy you’ve found
Because I’m fat
I’m fat and proud
I’m fat and proud and this is how the big boys sound

Im like the ozone hover over your home...

Verse Two
I would hate to be one of those skinny runts
You can’t eat off your stomach or finish your lunch
Well you got no rhythm; well you got no groove
Well you got no blubber that you can move
Well your bones stick out and your nose sticks out
There are fourteen ribs on your cage that I can count
People always saying: “You don’t eat enough”
But I’d snap you in half I gave you a hug

Verse Three
Well it doesn’t really bug me much
Cause I know that there’s a lot of me that you can touch
Well the bigger the man is the bigger the tan
Kickin it at the beach, lying on the sand

For all you car boys working on your suspension
Paying all that money for the up and down attention
Just to put me in and take me out
Trust me you’ll get that look from everyone about
As you see, I love my size
I just wish you could see me through my eyes
Then you’d realise that I hold the prize
For the biggest man you’ve seen alive

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