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[Music - Eder, Pell / Lyrics - Burtz]

Can't stand the stagefright, self-confidence flight
I don't let on anything now
I'm worried about myself, a desperate guy...
Heading for the begin

Dressed to kill we are, the curtains are closed
Watching and hearing the sound
There is no way back, just starting the attack
Lights out, inhale and shout

[Chorus 1:]
Can't go back for evermore... and breathe this feeling away
I need the power... and the sound... until the last day

[Chorus 2:]
Maniac - hear the sound of steel
Maniac - come, give us power
Maniac - no more time to kill
Maniac - here we are!
Here we are!

The smell of the leather and the smell of the sweat...
Is exciting me on my way
We jump in the stage and the noise makes my ears ring
The situation's okay

[Chorus 1 and 2]

[Chorus 1 & 2]

[Solo: Axel / Tom / Axel / Tom]

Maniac! <i>[2]

[Chorus 2]

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