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Don't you love the way the knife feels baby
and you thought I was your best friend lately
Give it a twist for me
Turn around so I can see

Cause, its been in my back for so long
but we both know to whom it belongs
oh you just wait and see
don't think its history at all

Don't run away too far,
it'll only take that longer to crawl back
and when they dig your hole,
tell them they can use the knife that's in my back.
cause I don't need it anymore.. I don't need it anymore.

So say your prayers tonight,
pretend everything's alright
no I'm gonna build you up
I'm gonna tear you down
I'm gonna paint your stupid face across this stupid town
and when the city wakes
and they all see your face
they'll know I gave you all the misery that you could take
cause I don't need it anymore...

I see the look in your eyes
I smell the sex and the lies
Don't think I'll cut you slack
When its time to pay you back

Just tell me its all in my head
make me forget what you said
You were the cure for me
but I fear the doctor more than the disease

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