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yea, sporty...we had to, we had to..sporty thievz(we had to)
stealin it, still bird. Sporty (RIGHT, UH-HUH, HUH, RIGHT,
UH-HUH, HUH) sporty thievz

Verse 1:
When is you birds gonna learn that lend me is not hot
Can I have lock up, bitch, and gimme got shot
Man they got me on that bullshit
That buy me this, I need that, bitch, bullshit
And still fuck
Bet chu see me with a slut, she a 8 and better
Gettin straight dick, and baby still waitin for cheddar
This one broad, my lord, I be hating I met her
Took it in every hole
Put her dingy face on a sweater
Never beat around the bush
I gets straight to the point
Directly after this, we going straight to the joint
And I don't wanna fuck, listen I'm going straight dome
And after the first nut, ma you straight going home
I get crazy head on the crazy reg
Chicks saying ma dick thick like a baby leg
Let it bump for my dogs that drop coupes and truck it
If you chickens get mad again too bad fuck it cuz..

Why I gotta do this, and why I gotta do that?
If I don't do shit, you talk about you wack?
Why we gotta go there, why we can't go here?
We don't go here, bitch we ain't going nowhere?
fuck I look like?

Verse 2:
Why you can't buy me a drink
Buy me a mink, pay for my link
Pay for my rent, pay for my cab
At least go half, throw me some cash
Throw me some ass
Fill my belly, with shrimp and spaghetti
Take me to the tele, let me use your celly
Take me to the movies, take me to bloomy's
Buy me jewelery, buy me some gucci
Buy me a coupe, feed me some fruit
Buy me some suits, buy me some boots
Pay for my cut, fuck when I wanna fuck
Lick me up, why don't you come pick me up
Why don't you meet me here, and meet me there
Pay my fair, pay for my beer
Pay my fones, pay for my loans, make me moan
Take me home


Verse 3:
Yo, what I look like (right) buy you some Nike's
You could have a wing on my chicken fried rice
Let me get cha number you look like a keeper
Oh, you tried to play me and gave me the beeper
Wit cha Reebok and old school sneakers
Plus it was dark (man) I couldn't really see her
She said nigga ain't chu fuckin wit my friend Meeka
I cut that bitch off cuz she asked me to treat her
Why you lying, talkin bout chu a virgin
2 days ago (yo) I heard you was burning
Heard you was suckin niggas off and burning
Buffing and slurping,bopping and burping
Girls say ewww, why you always diss us
You makin all these niggas go against us
Cuz you want me to buy, then it's bye bye bye
But ladies all we wanna know is why why why


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