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I’m tired of doing mostly what I want to do
Freedom is boring me I’d rather live like you
Like a job I work at everyday to feed a family I hate anyway
Well, I don’t hate them but I suspect that they hate me

So I’m relating to the neighbors
If they’re too loud, I’ll call the cops
I’ve got a lawyer too
And if you fuck with me I’ll sue
And then I’ll call the cops again

All you folks – can you relate?
Say it out load – I CAN RELATE!
One more time – I CAN RELATE!
Just like a good neighbour should

Or go to football games and hang out with the skins
Then get into football fights though I don’t even care who wins
I’m gonna do what must be done
to have some neighbourhood-like fun
All I really want is to fit in

Cause I’m relating to the neighbours
Bought a grill for the balcony
And swear by my last breath
I’ll relate them all to death
Then maybe they’ll relate to me

All you folks – can you relate?
Say it out load – I CAN RELATE!
One more time – I CAN RELATE!
Just like a good neighbour should
Relate right now while you stil can!
Start a neighbourhood relations band!
And don’t forget to clean the garbage cans!
I’m moving out

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