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[GODS:]</i> We will leave her to feel nothing but memory. But still She
will crave
infinity in which to create purpose for her play. That will be the last act
before her last fall.


The theatre is abandoned
Your violent script
Twisted the act
And left me with no lines

Gods, absorve my mind
"Let me in!
I sense the harmony
Let me direct the symphony!"

Am I not a chosen one?
The purpose of the play
Am I not an entity?
Illuminate me with infinity

The day that is the word
Moulds from your mind
It merges with me
And my writing hand

I am the poetry
I define the design
My will will be wisdom
Divine harmony is mine

The pathway you presented
Lead me onto this field
Everywhere, everywhen to go
Now grant me the gift you had in mind

I was but the words you breathe
Now become the air I sing
My will is wisdom


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