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Hey, yeah
Love you S-I-L-K
2,000 Watts, where we bring music to the future
Now, all of you Silk people
Listen to the record and you tell me
Exactly how you feel

You said a good love is too hard to find
That's cuz you ain't never had nobody
Make you lose your mind
All it takes is a little know how
I took some time to find out what it takes my baby
To fulfill your need
So when you need someone, babe
(You need me)
To bring it on without a doubt
(Bring it on)
Just call on me baby
I'll be right there to turn you out

1 - Baby I'm right here for ya
To kiss you and hold you tight
Give you some real good lovin
Turn you out

Ease your mind and chill your body
Make you scream and shout
Love you all through the night
Turn you out

Well, make up your mind
What you want me to do
Do you want me to leave you alone, baby
Or do you want me to love you
I got all night baby
I know you're a little scared right now
That's ok just come on and close the door baby
Lets make love anyhow
Cuz you needed someone baby
To give you a little love with no doubt
(Bring it on)
You doubt love never baby
And now I'm here to turn you out

Repeat 1

Break it down
I wanna know, babe
Did I make you feel real good tonight
Did I make you sweat all over your sexy body baby
Did I make you trem, tremble
Did I make you want some more
Just tell me, tell me
Did I turn you out

Repeat 1 until fade

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