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2,000 watts
Presents Silk
Check it
Check your friend
Layin' it down with my man Steve
Lay it down, lay it down

And I don't know what's going on
(She's paging me, she's calling me)
I just called to see what's wrong
(She's telling me she's feeling me)
And she said I really, really turn her on
And she can't wait to get me all alone
Baby when you're not home, yeah I liked it

1 - I can't believe the things she said to me
Telling me she's feeling very free-eaky
And I don't understand
When she knows that I'm her girlfriend's man

2 - Baby check your friend
She's trying to steal your man
(She said she'd rather have me all to herself)
Baby check your friend
She's out to steal your man
(But I could never do my baby like that)

Repeat 2

Oh, listen now
She saying we were meant to be
(She's trying to get to ruin me)
And why is she trying to player hate my baby
(Well I won't give a piece of me)
She had the nerve to tell me
That she had to get with me
She don't give a damn about you, no
I guess she really doesn't know me
Now I'm blowing up her spot
And this game is getting hotter

Repeat 1
Repeat 2
Repeat 2

You share with her everything between you and I
Oh yeah, oh
Never shoulda told her how I do you at night
Yeah, oh
You can't imagine all the things she offered me
Her plan was so secur
leading into her bedroom door
And baby I can't take it no more

Repeat 2 with ad libs until fade

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