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It was game on when I saw him
I never thought a breh could make me feel this way
When he done how he done what he done to me so I had to call him
Over and show him what's the deal how I feel
Is this lust or is it real

But boy then he asked me
'yo what u saying what's your name where u from'
I replied and ask the same he said
'my names dean, I come from north I'm 22 so how do u do
'so what u got a man' 'na' 'okay what can I call you'

So for days every night I'm hot and heated in the zone
He's asking me all types of naughty question while I'm on the phone
Boy I'm feening for you in a way I've never known
And now I'm speechless replying back to you with a groan

Oooh boy u got the insides of my body wileing out
I'm trying hold back coz I still wana know what's your minds about
But voices in my head are screaming out take it slow now
So I end the call and say hun I got to go now


I remember when the 1st day that I saw him
I said to myself that I got to have him
He's looking so fly
He's making me feel high
He's making me so ooh ooh [x2]


So now were talking once again but now were getting deeper and
He's asking all about my past relationships I've had with men
So I answer coz were in these early stages
I got him intrigued in my every word wanting to turn my pages

Anyhow now it my turn to flip the script
Though I'm feeling kind of nervous biting on my lip
(jeeeze) anyhow he talks about girls but his being brief
You aren't gonna play me boy or take me for no chief

Why u being secretive not letting up and holding back
Look babes yea on a real I ain't feeling that
This conversations getting good I'm doing all I can to ride it
But it seems your holding something back from me and trying to hide it

'na babes man a showing you the real deal'
Real deal baby boy you need to keep this deal real
In order for this conversation to kind of last
Don't be scared what you got to hide about your past


'Hello' 'baby girl shy so look what you on tonight'
'nothing much' 'okay I'll pick you up and we'll get a bite'
So I say cool now were riding in his whip
His phones rings it's his boys he says 'oi blud call back I'm with my

So we finish eating then we drive back to his house
Butterflies are in my stomach and I'm quite as a mouse
Now were inside the music's on were chatting
I'm trying to figure out if this boy's bonified or catting

He's got a lot of female friends his now revealing
But he's whispering in my ear 'Girl you're the one I'm feeling'
While his kissing on my neck and gently touching
Were hugging were rubbing I'm dying for his loving

Ooo but I got to pull back and resist
Even thou this man is really gentle when we kiss
I got to stop it here, before it goes future on
I'm jus keeping in mind I ain't known u that long oooh


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