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[Verse 1]
Carry me home away from all these things
That keep deceiving me
I'm all alone nowhere no one
To show me where to go
Take my money wear my shirt
Using me to do your dirt
Judging me when all the time
You're the one that did the crime
Someone tell me what's the truth
Save the children, save the youth
What about our hopes and dreams
You're not what you really seem oh

Nation of the plastic people
Here's the church and here's its people
Preaching good and doing evil
Trying to treat you less than equal
Saying this and meaning that
Twist a knife into your back
Don't be cast into the sequel
Living in a nation of plastic people (plastic people)

[Verse 2]
You're just like a rose I wanna grow
So I can serve my purpose here
I wanna fly before I die
Be like a bird and touch the sky
Take my home, and take my name
Generation cellophane
There's no difference all the same
I don't know when I'm ashamed
Can you walk inside my shoes?
Don't be mad if I refuse
Artificial attributes,
Different leaders same old news


[Verse 3]
What do you know,
It's a situation begging for salvation
Looking to the sky to answer to all my frustration
There's a choice I'm making
And there's a chance I'll take it
It's the only life I got to live so I can't fake it

Living in a plastic nation.


Destination of the nation.
Living in a plastic nation.
Living in a plastic nation.

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