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No God can save you now

My God, I have no faith
I'm stuck in this fucked up place
(My son, I'm right here next to you)
I try to live and learn
But I still feel the burn
(My son, I'm here for you...)

I've spread my love and all my faith
I've done it all in seven days
I never thought it would be this way
And I'm still bleeding

So I fall down to pray
But I think I've lost my page
(My son, it's lost in the flames)

Lost in the hands of time

Hands of time take me away to where I want to be
Lead the way because I can't see the life in me
I was lost in the flames as I screamed

My God, I've failed again
I wait for your crushing hand
(My son, I'm afraid it's too late)

Is this for real?

Save me now

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