Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Sepultura Dante XXI's lyrics 2006-04-24
Sepultura The Best of Sepultura's lyrics 2006-00-00
Sepultura Live in São Paulo (disc 1)'s lyrics 2005-11-08
Sepultura Live in São Paulo (disc 2)'s lyrics 2005-11-08
Sepultura Roots (bonus disc)'s lyrics 2005-06-00
Sepultura Roorback's lyrics 2003-00-00
Sepultura Revolusongs's lyrics 2002-11-22
Sepultura B-Sides's lyrics 2002-08-20
Sepultura Under a Pale Grey Sky (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-00-00
Sepultura Under a Pale Grey Sky (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-00-00
Sepultura Nation's lyrics 2001-00-00
Sepultura Tribus's lyrics 1999-00-00
Sepultura Beneath the Remains's lyrics 1998-01-27
Sepultura Against's lyrics 1998-00-00
Sepultura Choke's lyrics 1998-00-00
Sepultura Against - 4 Track Pre-Listening's lyrics 1998-00-00
Sepultura Blood-Rooted's lyrics 1997-00-00
Sepultura The Roots of Sepultura (disc 1: Roots)'s lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura The Roots of Sepultura's lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura The Roots of Sepultura (disc 2: The Roots of Sepultura)'s lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura Ratamahatta's lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura Attitude's lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura Natural Born Blasters's lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura Roots Bloody Roots's lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura Roots's lyrics 1996-00-00
Sepultura Refuse/Resist's lyrics 1994-00-00
Sepultura Slave New World (disc 2)'s lyrics 1994-00-00
Sepultura Territory's lyrics 1993-00-00
Sepultura Chaos A.D.'s lyrics 1993-00-00
Sepultura Sarcastic Existence: Live In Völklingen's lyrics 1992-00-00
Sepultura Third World Posse's lyrics 1992-00-00
Sepultura Dead Embryonic Cells's lyrics 1991-00-00
Sepultura Under Siege (Regnum Irae)'s lyrics 1991-00-00
Sepultura Morbid Visions / Bestial Devastation's lyrics 1991-00-00
Sepultura Arise's lyrics 1991-00-00
Sepultura Bestial Devastation's lyrics 1990-00-00
Sepultura Schizophrenia's lyrics 1990-00-00
Sepultura Morbid Visions's lyrics 1986-00-00
Sepultura Under Siege Live in Barcelona's lyrics
Sepultura Live From the Jungle's lyrics
Sepultura Roots (live in Paris)'s lyrics
Sepultura 1990-06-04: Dynamo Festival, Eindhoven, Netherlands's lyrics
Sepultura 1993-11-16: Welcome to the End of the World: Milan, Italy's lyrics
Sepultura Tribal Dance's lyrics
Sepultura Castle Manifest 1994's lyrics
Sepultura Live USA's lyrics
Sepultura Iron Samba: Jungle Folk Songs's lyrics
Sepultura Hatred's lyrics
Sepultura Live Voltage's lyrics
Sepultura Europe 1991's lyrics
Sepultura Slave of God's lyrics
Sepultura Salvador Bahia - Brasil's lyrics
Sepultura 1996-08-28: Roskilde Festival, Denmark's lyrics
Sepultura Live at Rock in Rio's lyrics

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