Artist Name - The Name of the Ablbums/Music Single Date of the disc release
Scooter Jumping All Over the World (disc 2)'s lyrics 2008-05-15
Scooter Jumping All Over the World's lyrics 2007-11-30
Scooter Jumping All Over the World (bonus disc: The Scooter Top Ten Anthology)'s lyrics 2007-11-30
Scooter The Question Is What Is the Question's lyrics 2007-08-10
Scooter The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (bonus disc)'s lyrics 2007-00-00
Scooter Excess All Areas's lyrics 2006-06-02
Scooter Apache Rocks the Bottom!'s lyrics 2005-12-30
Scooter Hello! (Good to Be Back)'s lyrics 2005-10-14
Scooter Suavemente's lyrics 2005-03-07
Scooter One (Always Hardcore)'s lyrics 2004-12-02
Scooter Mind the Gap's lyrics 2004-11-08
Scooter Mind the Gap (bonus disc)'s lyrics 2004-11-08
Scooter Shake That!'s lyrics 2004-10-04
Scooter 10th Anniversary Concert's lyrics 2004-06-07
Scooter Jigga Jigga!'s lyrics 2003-12-03
Scooter The Stadium Techno Experience's lyrics 2003-03-31
Scooter The Stadium Techno Experience (bonus disc)'s lyrics 2003-03-31
Scooter Weekend!'s lyrics 2003-02-24
Scooter The Night's lyrics 2003-00-00
Scooter 24 Carat Gold's lyrics 2002-11-04
Scooter Encore: Live and Direct's lyrics 2002-08-06
Scooter The Logical Song's lyrics 2002-06-10
Scooter Nessaja's lyrics 2002-04-08
Scooter Push the Beat for This Jam (disc 2)'s lyrics 2002-01-07
Scooter Push the Beat for This Jam (disc 1)'s lyrics 2002-01-07
Scooter Encore's lyrics 2002-00-00
Scooter Ramp! (The Logical Song)'s lyrics 2001-12-10
Scooter We Bring the Noise!'s lyrics 2001-06-11
Scooter Posse (I Need You on the Floor)'s lyrics 2001-05-21
Scooter Aiii Shot the DJ's lyrics 2001-00-00
Scooter Sheffield's lyrics 2000-06-26
Scooter Back to the Heavyweight Jam's lyrics 1999-12-07
Scooter No Time to Chill's lyrics 1998-07-20
Scooter How Much Is the Fish?'s lyrics 1998-06-01
Scooter Rough and Tough and Dangerous: The Singles 94/98 (disc 2)'s lyrics 1998-01-05
Scooter Rough and Tough and Dangerous: The Singles 94/98 (disc 1)'s lyrics 1998-01-05
Scooter No Time to Chill (bonus disc)'s lyrics 1998-00-00
Scooter No Fate's lyrics 1997-12-01
Scooter Age of Love's lyrics 1997-08-27
Scooter The Age of Love's lyrics 1997-08-11
Scooter Fire (Remixes)'s lyrics 1997-05-05
Scooter Fire's lyrics 1997-04-01
Scooter Break It Up's lyrics 1996-11-21
Scooter Wicked!'s lyrics 1996-10-24
Scooter Rebel Yell's lyrics 1996-05-09
Scooter Our Happy Hardcore's lyrics 1996-03-28
Scooter Let Me Be Your Valentine's lyrics 1996-02-29
Scooter Endless Summer's lyrics 1995-07-26
Scooter Friends's lyrics 1995-05-11
Scooter Move Your Ass's lyrics 1995-01-27
Scooter ...and the Beat Goes On!'s lyrics 1995-00-00
Scooter Hyper Hyper's lyrics 1994-11-11
Scooter The Best's lyrics
Scooter Golden Collection's lyrics
Scooter Pushing the Beat: The Best of Scooter's lyrics
Scooter Move Your Ass! Remixes's lyrics

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