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Like my father
Dodging army coat
He never thought that I'd sink or float
I'd be dismissed
By fear or fist
Which made me angry
Like a classmate
My name on his desk
I liked him better
Carved his on my chest
He said I'm wrong
Now move along
Rejected - angry
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Nothing like love, sex
Everything, it's all or nothing
Oh, I would kill anyone for you

Like a liar
Oh what have you done?
No happy ending
Kitten with the gun
Fought tooth and nail
To no avail
Frustrated - angry

Like a sister,
Never good enough,
So I was weird
Over fed and deaf
With wounded words
It sounds absurd
That left me angry
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Nothing like love sex
Everything, its all or nothing
Oh, I would kill anyone for you.
Love drug, I'm not in love,
It's all, all, all sex, apathy,
Oh, I would kill anyone for you.

You're like a killer
In the dead of night
You rip me open
And I will not fight
For on this day
I will just lay

Quiet, not angry
Quiet, not angry.

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