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Shred of flesh gnawed to the bone
Unholy kingdom ruled by Death
Hell's fire burning desecrating valley
Satan stands watching the corpses that surround me

Jaws of Satan!

Intestinal fluid dripping from my mouth
Demons rise forth to pull me down!
Centuires of gore, bloody lakes of red
Gargoyle of hell fucking eats the dead!

Jaws of Satan!

Jaws of death will arrive
Mist of doom will consume!
Evil blackness cursed the priest!
Up from hell they shall dwell
Marching dead locks the gate
Slicing axe seals your fate
Enochian keys burn with power
Black magic force takes it's course

Wings of Death are wrapped around me
Conflict of evil reigns unholy
Throne of torment horns of hell
Flood the temple the witches spell!

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