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writers: RuPaul/ Marlaina Kemp/ Derek Brin

I'm lookin at you and I can see you lookin at me too
Well - well, what's up? tell me what'cha wanna do
Boy, it ain't no time for you to be actin shy
I know you like what you see, and baby so do I

If you want some of this, it's ok
If you can't handle the game, then don't play
You ain't never had it quite this way
This ain't “the crying game”
Tell me are you man enough to take it
You ain't gotta be scared, I know you want this
Since you already here, why don't we do this
I'm gonna put it down, baby are you down?

Oops, gotcha callin me - I oops, gotcha wantin me
Yo girl is pissed at me, but it ain't my fault you like it kinky.
Oops, got him callin me - I oops, got him wantin me
Got two hatin me, but it ain't my fault he like it freaky.

Now it's two o'clock and I'm ready to shake the spot
You said “can you come wit me ?”
So I said “why not?”
You said “its bout to be on”
Cause you see through my dress the red thong
But I gotta tell you somethin'
If you down then nothin's wrong

Ooh I, know you wanna feel my body, kinky freaky -freaky kinky.
Ooh you, didn't know what you stepped into
Freaky kinky-now you needin' me

Don't be callin me wit dis bullshit, I don't need this
You can gone and gimme yo address, then we can do this
Say my man is over there hittin it, then you's a dead bitch
You gone be missin in action

Do you know who I am, girl ? I'm RuPaul. don't be mad cause I got it all
Including yo man balls, we was bouncin' while you waitin at the mall
He told me I was he sexy ghetto chocolate Barbie doll

Hold up, wait a minute! what are you saying? help me understand!
Last time I checked I thought you was a man

I'm more than a man, just ask yo man-he knew what he was doing when
He unzipped his pants. you thought you were his one and only
He bone me and bone me ass kissin, penetratin the middle all on me, shit!
He wanted me, fondling me, climbing up my sugar walls, he left his drawls
on my canopy.

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