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Protection and salvation, in exchange for omition
Of thy human nature, which intelligence must give
Eternal life thy doctrine, changing slaves into followers
Using a human life, that died by the cross, tried to show it!

As an act of love
And our lives he saved!
Death sentence
Thy who will not serve and follow
Ending a life of fear
To whom they name God
Putting down humankind
That this day worships
The Glorious and Dark Angel
Which Christ and the world
Will be amused by his wisdom
"Followers of the sacred and pure"
Blinded with lies of salvation
Based on putting down basic instincts

Mystic war... Between good and evil
Ignorance fights against innocence

A crusade looking for knowledge
Of the night and it's enchantments
Running, as fast as the wind
On top of a lost and defeated faith
Thy in which division has been located!

Facts are still more useful than words!

Because the master of the world in nature and mundane liturgies
Writes the destiny of his worshipers
The beauty of things, hidden by the mountains...

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