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(feat. Dre)

She can get it [x3]

Shawty look good even when da lights on got me starin
Got me thinkin bout bringin yo ass back home girl I'm not playin

O she can get it(right now)
She can get it(right now)
She can get it(right now)
She can get it(right now)

[Verse 1:]
Who is dis girl
Where she from
O o o no but I dig her campaign she got my vote
I ain't tryna stare
But I don't care
Let's play magic baby
Let's dissapear
Let's get out of here get in my car
Roll up a gar(then what)
Let's go to my spot(go to my spot)
It ain't dat far(it ain't dat far)
I'm a keep it real(keep it real)
Dis ain't my style(dis ain't my style)
But all I see is me and u
Right here right now

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Da way u lookin right now girl u kno u right
Only thing on my mind is u on my motor bike
Wat u say u sing
Show u right
Microphone check da night
Culd be yo lucky night
I can't help but stare
Yo swagg outta here
Only thing in mind is gettin u out yo final wear
Just gimme the word baby
We ain't worryin how
I ain't tryna wait we can do it right now

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
I'm a make it rain
I'm a make it sleet
And watch u rain dance grind and shake it to da beat
I'm a team playa so bring yo home girl
Ya'll just let it go get off in yo own world
I just kick bak and let u do yo thang
While I pull yo hair and make u say my name
She told me stop playin
She say boy u wild
I said I'm dead serious u can get it right now

[Chorus x2]

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