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Ya'll want that? Are you sure you wanna go there? You sure you wanna go
I've sat in many places, studied many faces,
discovered over time that my mouth went tasteless,
but I'm a make this vision of mine's shine
stand in the way of mine's, and I'ma accept your battle sign
time's tickin' and if you try to watch us drop it's been done
the war's been goin' on way before day one
so for the books I ain't started,
but this time I'ma part it,
like Moses to the Red Sea,
you dead and all you MC's
I know you ain't never expected no shit like this,
to put it simple, you sleeping, your thoughts amiss,
so sit and wonder, under depression,
while you be messin', with gettin' over on other people's success
and scared I'll be makin' an impression,
I know your confession, before you even learned your lesson
who you testin'? Sixteen years, battlin' fears
creatin' this shit here, I'm droppin' my tears.
The people, the people, the people, the people.......my people.......
Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife.................
HaHaHa. You still want to keep going? This ain't Denny now. You still want
to keep going? HAHAHA.
Hey! If you cause'n to me to come out from my concubine,
where I'm agin' like wine getting better in time,
yo, it's my time to shine you can't hold me back,
and I'm laughing at the thought, you ever exercise that?
so why you still here in this atmosphere,
just to let people know that nonsense is still here?
you're intelligence is petty, swear you talkin' heavy,
but step to me and I'll rip your shit like confetti.
The people, the people, the people, the people.......my people.......
Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife.................
Now, I hope this shit simple enough for all ya'll to understand. What? Yo,
Fuck that.
You can't comprehend my biological perception,
with provisions, disectin' your digestive system
listin' senses of your contradictions, to compositions
just lay the medical expositions to make your fate, you missin' just to
listen who?
can interject my dialect despite the fact you juice 'em
and you press 'em, passing as christian exhume
suicidal tendencies with persistence in the industry, what?
I don't give a damn when I give a damn
I only give a damn when I don't give a damn comprehend?
this whole planet is played,
all that you think that is something, is really nothing,
so why am I still here, in this atmosphere
I don't know, I guess I'm frontin'
Ha ha ha, now, ya'll want me to break that down so you can understand?
fuck that! Ha ha!
The people, the people, the people, the people.......my people.......
Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife.................
What? Huh? Didn't I warn you?
I told you not to go there? Didn't I tell you not to go there?
haha. What? I. Uh. I. Ah. I. What? I. I. Haha I. I. IIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE.
Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife, Steaknife.................
All my people say...what?
All my people say...what?
What? What? What? What?

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