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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and fuck you
State your religious background
I don't believe in shit
Life is hell
I'm wearing oven mits
When I'm rubbing the tits
Earth is a materialistic bitch
This whole totem-pole society's an oxymoron
Operation Clean Sweep better watch the few bomb
And while the coca really sits on me and starts the hooking
And while you legalize liquor, I'm drunk running down children
And shovin’ cocaine in my nose to raise my self esteem
And think, God will koos the cream
Fuck me, I'm ain’t living the American dream
Wonder why so many fall to smuggeling
And taking off their clothes for higher funding
Work is based on economic status
Be a part of the cesspool
Beat your wife, ignore your kids
Make six figures and you're successful
Know nobility and poverty
CSPAN sends chills up my spine
You might as well not even exist
If you ain't got some gold around your wrists
And shit, I done slit mine
Life is not a blessing
It is detesting
Yo, even the Virgin Mary be undressing
To pay rent
Welcome to a democratic government
In God We Trust
To Hell we sent
I strike up a full sprint
When the day the planet turns to ashes
Breathing down my neck
Hellish degrees of Armageddon
Some are running with sleestax
With weed sacks
And get yours mentality
Suppress fear, grind gears
Weakness is opportunity
A dirty bitch pass
We don't wanna say scum
I'm a fruitcake
I want it all
To be a bag, a pound of product
Of Babylon
Flavor technology
Shaking of parts of incest and sodomy
inside of me
I gotta be normal
Can't, no chance
Be in confusion
Gotta romance
Pass the ambulance
Could be an omen
Don't believe in superstition
But I better look and listen
Hope it ain't a premonition
Chronically stricken with tension
Invention of evil
Deceitful people
Living regally
Got it illegally
But they gather beneath the steeple
Treat you like you're not equal
And I'm abnormal?
I wonder
Turmoil, anger, lightning, thunder
Life is not a blessing
It is the test
Yo, even the Virgin Mary be undressing
To pay rent
Welcome to a democratic government
In God We Trust
To Hell we sent
So I relinquish every optimistic
Discover our existence
And resist this
For every single mortal was serving a pitiless sin
Its gutless and all
So to will cry and sorta buy contentment
Confusing the awareness of a much more advanced station
With hope and inhalation
A self designed violation
Every and all generation
Is played, deteriate into dismay
But don't blame me for diagnosing the reality of human creatures
I defeat ya
To see your mental feature like a preacher
So get busy dying
Stop defying your morals by crying
While authenticity is inevitable since ev’er go
now, advise the world of this tribulation
And divert demonstration
The ill advised creed is in track
Falling in a confrontation
How can anything be over if it never started
The weak departed
In this genetic inherited from God
Karma in the lights of stars
Life is not a blessing
It is detesting
Yo, even the Virgin Mary be undressing
To pay rent
Welcome to a democratic government
In God We Trust

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