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I'm a parrot hobbyist and a breeder. I've had birds since I was 7, and I started to breed in 2004. My adult white-bellied...", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4tZvEKWJVhI/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4tZvEKWJVhI/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/4tZvEKWJVhI/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "Nymphica", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/eN65ZaKqyeOkB_rJZhfe9k_hsek\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "CNOWsDTdmTk" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2016-03-23T14:42:18.000Z", "channelId": "UCy6YaIcOHxsiAF1s2RfK5hA", "title": "The Commando Who Refused To Die, Paul Vice MC (Highlights from T2 Talks)", "description": "Highlights from former Royal Marines Commando, Paul Vice MC. Talking at the annual T2 Talks event.", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CNOWsDTdmTk/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CNOWsDTdmTk/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CNOWsDTdmTk/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "Martin Johnson", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/BFvY0Nr6kP6jDlEJqg6kOIHOdTk\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "uLZTWDoWOCw" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2013-08-07T22:26:41.000Z", "channelId": "UCiAL2xQcxkyjgALGSR66rjQ", "title": "You died when you refused to Stand up for Justice", "description": "A section of a sermon by Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with Tigrigna sub title.", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/uLZTWDoWOCw/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/uLZTWDoWOCw/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/uLZTWDoWOCw/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "Bereket100", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/LRhtkaAbk6pteh-iOSOM16sLBTI\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "SeBXKK9CMw4" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2016-07-15T20:01:03.000Z", "channelId": "UCXZpQgX1897wYDLtvzmgyIA", "title": "5 Dead Bodies That Refused To Rot", "description": "For copyright matters please contact us at: mrrocky3145@gmail.com Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/FactsVerse Twitter: https://twitter.com/FactsVerse Narrated by: Darren Marlar www.MarlarHouse.com...", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/SeBXKK9CMw4/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/SeBXKK9CMw4/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/SeBXKK9CMw4/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "Facts Verse", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/EbyjCmDiXnJaYnbx7ocDPjPCnD8\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "Ma4z-U0zxvw" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2016-05-05T21:13:37.000Z", "channelId": "UCMDGO5RoniTDI-iAo5KL5GQ", "title": "Family's Dog Refused To Leave Dying Child's Side Until She Breathed Her Last Breath", "description": "http://www.nollygrio.com LATE NORA'S FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/norajunehall/?fref=nf Dod Refused To Leave Dying Child's Side 5 Months Old Nora Hall Died On May 2, 2016 She Suffered...", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ma4z-U0zxvw/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ma4z-U0zxvw/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ma4z-U0zxvw/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "nollygrio", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/SDXRAZ2rJtzeUaOFPL7Y4PgbFiA\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "xq-DLLAzop0" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2016-04-22T14:52:29.000Z", "channelId": "UCzuqE7-t13O4NIDYJfakrhw", "title": "\"He Refused to Live in a Binary\": The World Mourns Death of Gender-Bending Music Legend Prince", "description": "http://democracynow.org - The world is mourning the loss of the hugely acclaimed and influential musical sensation Prince. He died Thursday at his home in Minnesota at the age of 57. His work...", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/xq-DLLAzop0/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/xq-DLLAzop0/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/xq-DLLAzop0/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "Democracy Now!", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/9KaCVaDDR-tVaq4KrIRqbvHefCU\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "JStv2I2fKOg" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2016-01-02T01:45:37.000Z", "channelId": "UCjkAow9VRseHFCfykjuzcnw", "title": "Artist Jafar Yousuf Refused to Died As A Slave Of Habashes 1/1/2016", "description": "Artist Jafar Yousuf Refused to Died As A Slave Of Habashes 1/1/2016 bilisummaatv@gmail.com bilisummaashow bilisummaashow@Gmail.com copyright 2016 BilisummaaTV oromia.", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JStv2I2fKOg/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JStv2I2fKOg/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/JStv2I2fKOg/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "BilisummaaTV Oromia", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/jplXQdRBpInF3KmSL9mjSvJG_lg\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "tAfrHSvesMo" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2014-08-17T07:17:55.000Z", "channelId": "UC9305tRoOmztc8qTzIt4Qgg", "title": "Kris Comeaux-Refused Are Fucking Dead (DRUM COVER)", "description": "Love this song! Only got a few takes in before the GoPro battery died on me! More to come.", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tAfrHSvesMo/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tAfrHSvesMo/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/tAfrHSvesMo/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "The Kris Comeaux Official Drum Channel", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } }, { "kind": "youtube#searchResult", "etag": "\"RmznBCICv9YtgWaaa_nWDIH1_GM/ng2UD87_4kqEtJlmE7yHTLIt20Y\"", "id": { "kind": "youtube#video", "videoId": "2yBH6KJBUzQ" }, "snippet": { "publishedAt": "2016-07-30T04:51:10.000Z", "channelId": "UCb-NHmjH7rS7AEE6DACJxiQ", "title": "But The Earth Refused To Die + Battle Against A True Hero Combined Remix", "description": "DISCLAIMER*** I did not make the remixes, nor do I claim ownership. I just put two existing remixes together, and added some transformation and text audio for a smooth transition between...", "thumbnails": { "default": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2yBH6KJBUzQ/default.jpg", "width": 120, "height": 90 }, "medium": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2yBH6KJBUzQ/mqdefault.jpg", "width": 320, "height": 180 }, "high": { "url": "https://i.ytimg.com/vi/2yBH6KJBUzQ/hqdefault.jpg", "width": 480, "height": 360 } }, "channelTitle": "TheDarkAlakazam", "liveBroadcastContent": "none" } } ] } REFUSED WHO DIED? LYRICS

Who died? lyrics song by Refused

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Simple solution rejected for a change of views I'm just evolving - I'm not
better than you I've changed you said I said: it's sad you don't accept the
things that I believe it will bleed cause I still feel I've changed you
said I said: it's sad too bad you didn?t see the other side of me loosing
you it really hurted me i?m not superior - i?m just a human being so
loosing you it really hurted me cause you didn?t take the time to see

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