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Have you heard the story of Bottleneck Bob
tried to rob a train with cattle
He laid in ambush above the hills
early Sunday morning

He blew the tracks to smithereens
with the biggest blast you've ever seen
and the cattle ran all over the place
and there was Bob with the longest face

Chorus: Bottleneck Bob is riding fast
wanted by the law for the freight train blast
the sheriff and his men is a big bad mob
and they're chasing poor old Bottleneck Bob

And the cattle ran back in to town
where all was peace and quiet
but when the people saw the herd
they surely caused a riot

The cattle smashed the bank in flakes
just like the worst of robbers
and the sheriff scratched his head and wondered
where to put them all


Written by Örjan Öban Öberg (Zomba publishing)
Produced & Mixed by Utti Larsson & Öban at Plugged Studios
Guitar by Anders Hellquist
Screams by Lizette von Panajott & Stefan Sörin

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