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[Ochoa / Roberts]

Right now a revelation
Sweeping across the nations
The end is near
Crystal clear
Seven years of tribulation
Like a lion on the prowl
The Devil's hungry for your soul
There's a number 666
I beg you don't receive it
'cause if you do you'll burn in Hell Burning there forever
Like a lion on the prowl
The devil's hungry for your soul
This is your warning
The choice that you make will destine eternity
Take heed this warning
Jesus is King
Satan has lost
Can't you see
The Lamb of God
Sits on His throne
Judging all the nations
Those who deny the grace of God
Shall be sentenced to the lake of fire
Like a lion on the prowl
The Devil's hungry for your soul
This is your...
(Rev 20:11-15)
This is your...

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