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I waited so long, for you to come along,
Hoping and praying, my love would bear a son,
Now I see that love, it shines within your eyes.
We're gonna take our journey, Adam and I.

We'll ignore all boarders, for our spirit must stay free,
Free as the wind that blows, there's so much for you to see,
We'll ride on a moonbeam, and never pass one by,
We're gonna take our journey, Adam and I.

When we reach the land of the setting sun,
You'll be overjoyed, you'll see the sights,
So reach and take your father's hand
And may the Lord have mercy on our flight,
Adam and I, Adam and I, Adam and I, and I.

The river of life flows swiftly, into the sea of time,
Our lives were made for living, my joy is in your smile,
We'll talk to the heron, and he can teach us how to fly,
We're gonna take our journey, Adam and I.

Our Lord is in his heaven, He watches us below,
His seed was made for sowing, and we reap what we sow,
But he's a man of love, divine he's on high,
We're gonna take our journey, Adam and I.
Adam and I, Adam and I, Adam and I,
My son and I.

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