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Calm the people
Tell them life's better than a hundred years ago

Feed them with hope in a war of all
Against all but don't let them know

How can I show you the path to a land
That blossoms in your inside
Frees you from all your compulsion and fears
To discover the beauty of your life

How far can we go?
How far can we go?

Walking on wasted land
But we have to go on
Walking on wasted land
But the show must go on

The news is ok
The system is working, let's watch a tv show

War is a game
Our life's a balance sheet
Your money tells you what's right and wrong

Cutting the truth into shreds and completing
A puzzle where no one's to blame
Living for our desires and needs
But nobody's winning this game

How far can we go?
How far can we go?

Walking on wasted land
But we have to go on
Walking on wasted land

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