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In this world there's an unknown forest
deep within parts not explored - yet.
A corner of earth that's a mystery,
though only to our human race.
A residence, of an ancient clan
that have lived here for generations, and have survived -
by remaining in this place of seclusive presidence.
A forest - an extensive population
Of lizards - various breeds
Most un-named, some with almost human features
Most half breeds.
Some you'll find can even fly, their species is growing larger
All are born, within the trees, and their skin is rough like
They are born with just a mother, from a spawn taken from the tree
It is secreted on her skin, within days a child is within.
Only six weeks and the child is born - a male but no genitals
There are no need for these as all are fathered by the trees.
This is a race on a steady decrease, an unknown foe called 'humans'
Deadly pollution, drifting across, ocean to their land
Causing - drought, killing the trees
Taking their life source, causing distress, elders call council
Much discussion, form strategy
Then after much careful planning, decides
To send a troop of flying lizards, a-broad
Their mission is to discover
What it is that is destroying
Their fragile eco-system
And to try make things right.
We are a race from an ancient source
that have lived here for generations
And have destroyed- a multitude of things in
our time of residence, we must now face our destruction
by a division of lacertilians,
Their bodies are more resistant to our
weapons (than) anything we can create.
We are now doomed to extinction
And, we surely deserve it.
Deluded arrogance, Mistreatment, of our worl
Will lead to certain death,
Please forgive - our human race.

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