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O.K. ya see t'was 1983 when we first walked arm in arm
Across the sea it was my destiny that I'd find her in Hong Kong
There it was a soldier falls in love as we walked through Lan Kwai Fong
Limousines and new wave beauty queens and a romance just begun

Ya Tsunami was her name like a title wave she came
And now I'll never be free
I was drowning in a wave of ecstasy Tsu-tsu-tsunami
Just when you think the worst has past she rises up to destroy me,
Just when you think it's safe to sail again
Ya she rises up and then
I'm drowning in a wave of ecstasy
Now some more t'was 1984 tour of duty's almost over
I Begged that girl to join me in my world but no man could control her

Out of the south China Sea Tsunami rolled over me
And now I'll never be free


I told you 'bout Europa and me
And how she haunted every memory
Went round the world just to forget that song
To sing a new one for a girl in Hong Kong

And like a killer title wave she washed my heart away
And now I'll never be free

I was drowning in a wave of ecstasy Tsu-Tsu-Tsunami
So long ago so far away she still rises up to destroy me
Although she's half the world away
yet It feels like yesterday
I'm drowning in a wave of ecstasy
ya i'm drowning in a wave of ecstacy
Tsu-Tsu-Tsunami, just when you think the worst is past,
she rises up to destroy me,
just when you think it's safe to sail again,
yet she rises up and then,
I'm drowning in a wave of ecstacy,

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