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Questions Never Answered
Every minute of every day occurs a birth and a death
Sometimes happening in the same breath
For every beginning, there is an end
Yet no one ever knows how, why or when
Only luck or fate will decide the last time that you will rise
No guarantees in your existence will you define your own
Two faced society really doesn't care
Horrific tragedy causes only stares
As many ways to die as there is to remain
Only those of seeming importance remembered by name
How ironic for we're all the same
Yet even in death life goes on
Some will celebrate, some will mourn
Yes even I question my own time of demise
Born in 1969 lived and loved and then I died
So live your life good or bad be it happy or sadder
Cause at the time of your end will it really matter
Questions...Never Answered but meant to be asked
Only others will know when your time has passed
So live your life good or bad be it happy or sadder
Cause at the time of your end will it really matter
Shall I be remembered by name
Or be lost to oblivion...QNA
[In memory of Kenny Ray Enos]

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