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Sheer brutality is what you feel
Your withered pride makes you neal
You will know who has won
Like the eve of the day they lost
You too will suffer the Holocaust
Destined to Fall
Like those before you
Written in blood
Blood of humans
Spoken terror became reality
False prophets speak of death to me
Torture and pain that you'll suffer
Wilted pride from words of evil
Your death will be painful and slow
The time will be here soon
For all of us to be judged
If at that time you've not chosen
Your destiny will be forced upon you
We are all just pawns in a game
Our possessions won't go with us
To the almighty we're the same
In the're the blame
You are Destined to Fall
Like those before you
This world we live in
Surrounds us all with sin
Your life is a test of faith
The decisions we make
Will decide our fate
...Destined to Fall
...Destined to Fall

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